Achieving a six-figure ROI within just 12-months:

Delivering one of Microsoft’s first working Self-service BI systems in the UK

A large international professional services firm, with a turnover of over £150 million, were struggling to provide self-service reports to their blue-chip customers, whilst their competitors had a better offering.

In a pioneering business intelligence (BI) project, to develop one of Microsoft’s first operational Self-service BI systems in the UK, we were able to solve this challenge.

Not only did we give the entire organisation and their customers greater visibility of their cases and work in progress, we were able to deliver an impressive ROI within the first year, through both retaining existing blue-chip clients and winning new ones.

Key outcomes included:

  • Our client gained a competitive edge in their industry
  • Retained existing customers and won new ones
  • Management had greater visibility and control over profitability
  • Enabled self-service, robust and ultra-fast client reporting
  • Delivered an impressive 6-figure ROI within 12 months of client exposure
  • Reduced reliance on the in-house IT Department

What was the challenge?

Our client was struggling to easily show its blue-chip customers the progress and management of their work, a frustration for both themselves and their customers alike.

The firm needed to give customers online access to review their performance, drill down to individual transactions, view the overall work in progress and status of assignments. Most importantly, allow their customers to format their Reports and MIS in their style for in house use, self-service BI. This functionality would allow our Client to regain an important competitive advantage and was something their competitors were already providing a superior offering.

How did TCS help?

Our first step is always to ensure our understanding of the business requirements, benefits and cost justification of any suitable BI solution, as well as the preparedness of the organisation to be able to implement such a solution.

We interviewed the key executives, business users and IT people within the organisation to understand their industry, customers, business, data and the KPIs that truly mattered to them.

Although the IT department had a different technology set in mind and another initiative in progress, they were already using Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint and Excel elsewhere in the Practice, so we went head to head against the rival technology and suggested upgrading the latest Microsoft BI suite.

Although they were sceptical this solution was capable of such complexity, we proved the worth of the technology through a no-cost, 10 day prototyping exercise.

An initial prototype based on our market sector knowledge was developed using their data, which gave the organisation the confidence to proceed with what became one of the first working and operational Self-service Microsoft BI systems in the UK.

What were the outcomes?

The project was an enormous success. Now our Client’s customers can remotely format and download their reports and have daily visibility of their cases work in progress; something that was previously impossible.

This enabled our Client to demonstrate their added value and productivity, which in turn has led them to retain key blue-chip Clients and win new from their competition.

As a result, the project delivered a solid six-figure return on investment within the launch year, to quote our client;

Within six months of the first Client exposure to this Self-service BI application that TCS produced, this Project is already cost justified and a business success.

One of the key intangible deliverables, was the business users took ownership of their client business data and information, rather than assume it was the responsibility of the IT Department. This has led to significant and wider changes to its own Business Unit performance management.

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