Acting as a “trusty back-up” for over 25 Years:

Helping Greenwich Council Serve & Expand its Services to the Community

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Royal Borough of Greenwich is famous as the traditional location of the Prime Meridian, on which all world times are based. It is a major London Council, undertaking major regeneration, handling £2 billion of public money per annum and employs over 3,000 staff.

As one of the Borough’s primary IT Support Partners and “trusty back-up” we have helped keep Greenwich systems and their Users operational for over 25 years. Over that time, using a range of Microsoft technology we have helped to support and evolve the Borough’s systems, maintain security and deliver many mission critical projects, including the development of some business intelligence prototypes.

Key Managed Service Outcomes include:

  • An average response time of 20 minutes, against an SLA of 2 hours
  • Major Server farm upgrade
  • Security patching has reduced downtime
  • Business Intelligence has helped improve efficiency and operational insight
  • TCS are a safe pair of hands with our extensive knowledge of their many Software Applications and Data types, providing proactive tailored Support services, with technical know-how, to deliver value added solutions
  • Greenwich expect and TCS deliver improved services, year on year, more cost effectively, in line with UK Public Sector expectations in 2016.

What was the challenge?

Serving over 250,000 people, the Greenwich Borough 3,000+ employees extensively (but not exclusively) use Microsoft technology to run its 400+ software systems.

These IT systems support the Royal Borough’s provision and management of vital public services and financial accountability, such as Housing, Education, Healthcare, Community and Leisure facilities.

With technology an integral and mission critical part of such daily operations, the Royal Borough of Greenwich needs a safe pair of hands for this Support.


What happened?

TCS were appointed by Greenwich as one of their Managed Service Support Partners, because of our deep technical knowledge and understanding of their Software Applications and Data.

For over 25 years we’ve been on hand to provide User Support by resolving daily Incidents and Changes through complex third-line IT support, as well as assist in User training, Server upgrades and licensing … as well as much, much more.


What were the outcomes?

As our relationship has deepened and we’ve repeatedly demonstrated the breadth and depth of our technical competencies and value added approach, we’ve enabled Greenwich to evolve with the times.

From working night after night until the early hours upgrading their Server Farm and security systems, to redeploying all their 400+ Software Applications, we’ve solved every challenge the Borough has thrown our way… even those problems that belonged to other incumbent suppliers.

Using TCS to support their critical infrastructure, the Greenwich Borough has continually identified areas of quality improvement and operational efficiency across its operations, to improve service to their public, coupled with the accountability expected of such a Public sector organisation.

Whilst Support services provided by TCS go largely unseen, the dynamic partnerships required at all times was amply demonstrated, when Greenwich was one of the principal London Boroughs successfully hosting the 2012 Olympics.

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