Managed Services

Following best practice in the IT industry TCS are able to provide four different packages depending on your business needs.

A La Carte

This bespoke package allows the smallest of businesses to pick and choose what is important to them. At its core we encourage a minimum of basic security which includes patching of Microsoft and some third party applications and Anti-Virus.
Basic monitoring of all devices is included with issues being reported to the client prior to any work being carried out ensure control on any IT Budget.


Our proactive package allows for a more strategic approach to IT support, again patching and Anti-Virus is included as standard.
Advanced monitoring and scheduled maintenance allows for improved IT efficiency.

Fully Managed

This package has been put together for customers that need to ensure business critical services are maintained, monitored and supported.


Your technology needs to be as flexible as your IT Team, so we developed our Supplemental support program. The Supplemental program allows you to customise your support and service needs directly related to your critical business services, all at a cost effective price.

Individual service items that the IT department can select based on their needs, augmented by providing Monitoring, Support & Automation tools. Delivers value by increasing the effectiveness, efficiency, and scope of services delivered by the IT department.

Simply work with us to determine what services make sense for you, and we’ll ensure that you have a solution tailored to your needs. You know your network better than anyone, so we put the decision and purchasing power in your hands!